Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Newly uncovered archives!!! See for yourselves! Stories of torment and woe!

It's funny what the universe will do to make you realize that you are a racist pig, even when you thought you weren't. Today, Dan and I were on our way into the Target and heard someone searching through songs on the stereo on his car (we presumed it was a he, probably young and Black or Latino) trying to find the appropriate R&B and/or rap song to blare out his windows for the whole world to hear. He really wanted to make sure that whoever saw this car and heard the subs on this thing would know that Beonce, wherever she was, could probably hear herself sing on his phat stereo too... and that would get him some tail. Then we saw a somewhat elderly white gentlemen dressed in full business suit regalia with cuff links and all, balding, smoking his pipe, step lively onto the sidewalk.
Dan and I almost made it inside before we started laughing. Almost. The only way it could have possibly been funnier or less canny were if it were an elderly white woman.

More to come!

Friday, October 01, 2004

on the political end of things, i wrote some emails/comments tothe major news networks pleading with them not to spin the debate(s)to look like Bush is winning -- his short (hollow) answers are moreheadline-friendly than Kerry's longer (substancial) answers.straighttalk.com has links on the left to email addresses and commentspages in the nation's major newssources. if you're feeling so inclined, check it out.