Sunday, June 25, 2006


i FINALLY made what appears to be a really incredible, moist, constitutionally sound, and completely wheat free bread i've EVER made today. It is an oatmeal spelt bread, and that's all i'm going to say, because other than that, it's proprietary. And it's SO GOOD.

So THAT made me happy.

Additionally, i've had a fun weekend. daN's brother and sister in law Nate and Tara came down to visit this weekend. On Friday night, we went to Redbones, which i thoroughly enjoyed. It was full of cornbread deliciousness, which was fantastic. Yesterday morning, we went to Johnny D's for brunch, and then continued down to the Museum of Fine Arts for fine art viewing. And, if you read the fine print, you can use the ticket a second time within a 9 day period, so we're going to go again next weekend! YAY! We hopped on the train and went to the North End for canolis at Mike's Pastries (oddly, the low part of the trip for me) and i grabbed a delicious espresso in a random Italian bistro.

Then we went to Loew's to see a movie, so we went to see X-Men, the movie that was at the intersection of our diverse viewing desires. I really enjoyed it. A lot! I will mention that there was a lot that happened in the movie that really could have handled to be explained or delivered with some more fanfare and background to it, but it didn't ruin the movie for me. There was just a lot going on.

Finally, last night, we came home for a dinner of salad and leftovers, topped off with some chocolate chip cookies that i threw together. They came out rather tastily. We played Carcassonne, daN's favorite boardgame, and i felt REALLY solid in the strategy of the game this time, and i was able to help cime in with some really good suggestions for Nate and Tara! Go me! It was a fun time. We crawled into bed around 11:30 or so. Today we had to bring them to South Station, and i was very proud of myself as i negotiated downtown Boston. Getting TO South Station was easy -- it was getting AWAY from it that proved a hastle. Still, i managed, and daN and i ran some errands, including Trader Joe's for wine and chocolate and Home Despot for plant pots and such -- yes, i have a potted vegetable garden in the back yard. Woo! It makes me happy. Hopefully it bears fruit. Well, vegetables, anyway. I heavily domesticized all afternoon, including the breadbaking, and i also made some tasty beet soup and swiss chard that we had with the bread while FINALLY watching Hitchcock's North by Northwest. It was OK.

What a good weekend. I am about to start my last week at First Marblehead. I think it will be a good one. I'm looking forward to being unemployed (well, self-employed) so that i can do things like organize the bookshelves again :)

Monday, June 19, 2006


I am glowing with joy from the sheer amount of sun i have had for the past few days. I have slept wonderfully, hearing the sounds of the ocean right outside the window, without a constant buzz. I climbed rocks, scaled down sides of small cliffs, bounced around on mossy hillicks in the forest, skipped around faerie houses, dodged low-hanging branches, leapt from dry spots to rolling logs sinking in swamps and back onto dry spots until making my way out of marshes, doing yoga on the grass, hearing no car sounds, felt the ocean breeze on my skin, and above all, enjoyed beloved company on Monhegan Island. The Bogs have a house out there, and to my great fortune, daN and i were able to join them this weekend and only this weekend before the summer renters arrive (so the Bogs can afford to keep the house). It was, without a doubt, magic. I feel so lucky. And a few shades darker.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I have content on my website! !


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lovely Weekend.

This weekend, Judy came to town! So daN, Kal-El and i checked out the Picante Mexican Grill in Central Square, which was OK... but the beans and rice were both tremendously delicious! Mmm. We hung out all together playing Dr. Mario and laughing tiredly about ridiculous things (jolly good time) until around 12:15 or so, at which point daN and i went to bed, and Judy and Kal went downtown to hang out at a bar.

First off, Saturday began with daN waking me up a little after 10am. Yes, left to my own devices, i will still sleep that late, and later. I wonder when i would have woken up if daN hadn't come in. Thank god he did! We had a lot to do. daN and i worked all day yesterday. Yes, all day. He's been working on my website, and i've been working on content for it. I also made some decisions about equipment to order, how i'd like to get paid, that sort of thing. I'm having a good time with it! Now i just have to make some posters, business cards, and that sort of thing... of course, posters will have to wait until i get a schedule nailed down per location.

At any rate, Razz came over at one point and allowed for some break from the work. We all chilled together for a while, but eventually, i went back to writing website content while the boys played Civ 4. It was good! Reminded me a bit of college -- people hanging around computers doing their own thing, coexisting nicely. Eventually, it was time for him to go and for us to do some grocery shopping, so we did that while bringing him home. THEN, i made dinner! YAY FOOD! It's REALLY good and i'm looking forward to doing a pita sandwich with it in about 20 minutes. I made some beat greens, and then the kicker was a wild rice and black beans combo with stir-fried onions, celery and carrots dumped in, seasoned with salt, pepper, and tahini (sesame butter, essentially). OH DELICIOUS. I topped it off with some dried cranberries, and that completed the meal in a lovely way. It will taste so good in a pita, too! Mmm. I must be hungry.

ANyway, daN and i (mostly daN) worked late into the night on my site, and Judy got in around midnight. So, Judy and i went for a short walk before all crawling into bed around 1. This morning, we woke up around 7:30, and i did gentle morning yoga with Judy. It was marvellous! Then we had a great breakfast complete withyummy coffee drinks (daN had a hot chocolate, Judy had a mocha, and i had a soy cappuccino -- i have TOTALLy gotten my money's worth out of my 1970 La Pavoni Europiccolo chrome lever-pull espresso machine) and granola with kamut puffs.

Speaking of crazy food, i have realized recently that i like to eat basically macrobiotically. So yes, i guess i am officially almost one of those macrobiotic nuts who i used to call crazy. I am obviously not religious about it, but it turns out that's just the diet that makes me feel best. Do i still eat chocolate? Hell's fuck yeah.

OK, time to get working again. I certainly haven't got all day, and i DEFINITELy want to get outside and walk in the sun that's shining outside for a long walk!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bally's Total Triumph

Hey there! Well, tonight i auditioned for a teaching position at Bally's Total Fitness -- teaching yoga, of course. At first, i wouldn't be on the schedule all that often, and to be honest, the pay is crap, and they know it, but it appears that they are really nice there. Additionally, they LOVED me. And i do mean love. It was so nice to have people coming up after class thanking me profusely, some having never taken yoga before, some having taken lots of yoga and this being exactly what they wanted, yada yada happiness! Long story short, they're going to try accellerating my new hire paperwork to get me through the door as soon as they can. Woo! Another solid prospect! This is a good sign. It doesn't pay well, but last time i checked, getting paid at all is going to be a good thing!

In other news, things at work have gotten even weirder. This is a very good time to be leaving FM. My boss' position got consolidated into a new guy's position, so this week they are transitioning. New guy was not aware that managing our team was going to be part of his job, and it's a marvellously complicated product that our team has. So next week, we're going to have a strategy session, present it to New Guy, see what he thinks, so that there is some semblance of direction for the team. I'll be leaving at a good time. I keep hearing that left and right from all corners of the earth. So this week, I say goodbye to the person who hired me, and none of us thought he'd be leaving. Weird.

AND, daN and i netflixed "Winged Migration," and it is the PERFECT movie to curl up on the couch and snuggle and fall asleep to. We hope to watch the second half sometime this weekend. I *almost* think it would be nice to play in the background falling asleep. Listening to squawking and chirping birds fly around flapping their wings through Nature is so soothing :)

And... still thinking of going to Italy in September with the Watiers...against my better judgement? We'll see. If i can start pulling in the money i'll need to survive sooner than later, i'll have this whole chunk of savings to use for international travel and Christmas money... which is REALLY my goal. But, if i need to use it for getting by, then that's what i'll do.

So many things to update about, so much going on. What else? Flying to Philly the weekend of July 8th, because one of my college friends -- Ariana -- is getting married! I'll be teaching her and her bridesmaids yoga the morning before the wedding, and then GOING to the wedding, hopefully having a marvellous time, and continuing on to see Patty! YAY! Things are good. I'll see two great friends in one weekend! And see a new place! Now i just have to get out to Chicago and Denver sometime. I've got friends there, too.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rainy Sunday

My Mum came down and visited me for the first weekend ever! It's hard for her to get away, because since she and Rick have a wolf and all, it's hard to find someone who can go by and take care of him. But this weekend, Mark (my brother) is going by to look after Yukon (said wolf), and she hopped on a The Downeaster train to come down to Boston and visit! Yay! It's been fun. Yesterday we went to the Museum of Fine Arts, and i'll have to go back there. It's been the prices that have prevented me from going ever, but now i can see that it's worth it. I also think that i'll be more likely to take advantage of the free nights there. I was impressed with the balance of eras, and i was also really impressed with the collection of Egyptian ruins! I also realized that i look like Picasso's "Woman in the Window." How nice.

We had dinner in last night, and basically just hung out after our feet hurting a lot of the day, and we took her to Christina's Ice Cream! (woo! our favorite!)

She's got to hop back on the 12:10 train, so she's in the shower now. But i aspired to wake up relatively early so i'd be able to see her before doing so, and have a leisurely morning. And that it has been.

In other news, I have my own url now for my yoga site, which daN and i will hopefully do some major work on next weekend -- check out the splash page at