Friday, April 25, 2008


Addendum: News flash! If you click on the photo below, you'll be able to veiw a larger image! It's worth being able to see the subtle differences. You won't see daN with a beard any time soon.

At some point in his life, everyone who identifies as a man feels a compulsion to experiment with the length of his facial hair. Sometimes, they experiment with a different style every day, as daN recently did. I particularly like the Cuban drug lord and the Hitler mustache.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Morning Glory

My heart is so full that I could burst. Or at least it was yesterday. As I was walking through the Forest Hills Cemetery, feeling fully the hustle and bustle of spring -- trees stretching and yawning and buds curling out of bed, leaves bursting through buds, ducks and geese bowing and curving and flapping in dances, calling to their mates -- I lengthened along a chair carved from a tree, worn with love and warm with sun, next to my darling daN, and I couldn't contain myself for the universe inside of me. I was so happy -- no -- joyful! Full of loud peace and quiet ebullience. I love spring.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love my new laptop. It's sincerely bitchin'. I couldn't believe how quickly all the programs launch. That's what happens when you get top of the line everything. Also, the large screen makes things a lot easier, and i LOVE having the 10-key number pad. I love it.

I love dancing at gay bars. This past weekend, i met up with my friend Mandi to celebrate Mea's birthday in Portland at STYXX, a wonderful gay bar. For the most part, the hip hop floor was populated with dykes and trannies, and the gay men were primarily in the jungle house room, and i can happy say that i bumped into people from high school in both places. I had a real blast. No ikky frat guys all over me. Besides, I identify as queer even if i'm not in a homosexual relationship. The next morning, Alan, Lee, and I had brunch together at a great cafe in Portland called "Bintliff's American Cafe." It was fantastic and noteworthy for its excellent service and excellent (and free!) coffee.

I love the Pioneer Valley. My friend Patty and I had a bittersweet visit to the Hampshire College campus for a memorial lecture for a beloved professor who died of leukemia. Sad face. His name is Eric Schocket, and the memorial lecture was to speak on topics of relationship of class to race, and the moments where blurring the lines erases discourse around categories of people (i.e. equating black with poor and white with well-to-do leaves many voices silenced, working class whites and well-to-do blacks among them). Too bad that the lecturer, Cora Kaplan, is not a very good speaker. She was delightful in Q&A, though. Nevertheless, Patty and I had a great time there for many reasons, not the least of which was catching up with a few other professors, eating at our Japanese restaurant in NoHo, The Teapot, and soaking in the vibes at Hampshire proper.

I need a vacation. I have been confused lately about what month it is, and have been defaulting to October. Yes, October. Last time I checked, that was the month where I worked until 8 every night getting ready for a big meeting I was helping to run, got really sick, couldn't take any time off, landed in the emergency room for tachycardia and heart arrhythmia, and then my aunt died. Not a good month. The fact that I keep relating to that crazy time is not, actually, a good thing. I need some time off. I might go to Kripalu for a few days to get myself back.

I love our new apartment, and living across from the Forest Hills Cemetery is AWESOME.

I love original Nintendo.

I want to go to Paris, but the American dollar sucks right now.

I love South Park and am beyond thrilled that A#1: it's available to watch online now -- complete seasons! -- on, and B#2: my new laptop can handle it.

I love To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. I've been in a real Virginia Woolf mood lately, and this novel is hitting the spot. The way she writes interior voices is haunting and beautiful, not to mention strikingly forged with delicious feminist subtext without hitting the reader over the head. The desire to remain alone in one's "core-shaped wedge of darkness" and the desire to pull all the loved ones into the act of becoming society vacillate and flicker within Mrs. Ramsay, and I am continually stunned with the narrative structures and styles that Woolf employs to fluidly convey complicated set of emotions -- without even being direct.

I love original Nintendo, and about about to play Dr. Mario or Megaman 2.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Project Virgle

Google and Virgin partner up on the first corporation-sponsored large plan to come up with a "plan B" for our planet's environmental troubles. Gotta see it to believe it.