Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back From Costa Rica!

I did my best to incorporate the stories with photos, so here is the link:  Lindsay's Costa Rica Trip

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy February.

Can you fucking believe it's already February of 2009?  I feel like the new year snuck up on me and is skating circles around me.

For updates about my mindset, see the "current obsessions" area that I just updated with a couple more goodies about myself.  

I am in school now, and it's been a good experience, aside from the administrative bullshit (pardon my expression, but that's exactly what it is) regarding health insurance waivers that didn't go through.  I am totally impressed with the calibur of the professors I have and the students in my class.  Discussions are fruitful, and the readings are even really good.  I'm enjoying myself, if really missing having time to myself, time to spend with my beloved Dan, and time to spend with my friends.  March 27, my friends.  March 27 is when this quarter will be over.  After that, I'll be taking one class at a time.  As I indicated in a post a long time ago, I like my job, and I'm not in a hurry to leave it.  With those givens, I'm not in a hurry to complete this degree, and I don't want to kill myself over it.  

I am officially tired of the cold.  When I signed on for the trip to Costa Rica (ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!), I had no idea how sick of the 15 degree weather I would be by now.  I couldn't have timed it better if I'd planned it myself (you may recall that I basically signed up for a group tour and paid the money -- no planning involved because I don't have time for it).  Dealing with the cold was especially hard yesterday, when "they" promised me it would be somewhere around 40.  Well, instead we had a high of 26 with 20 mph gusts, and I was not a happy camper.  I really adopted the idea of 40.  40 degrees sounded nice.  Additionally, due to an ice storm we had on top of a snow storm on Wednesday, every sidewalk is a frozen river of doom.  I'm not proud to admit this, but I get panic attacks when I walk on the ice, so my commutes were harrowing.  I'd get into work or home with my heart racing and short of breath.  Not a good way to start or end the day.   The long and short of it is this:  Costa Rica is sounded pretty nice right about now.  

That's all I have time for now.  I have to get cracking on my homework.  Due to aforementioned trip to Costa Rica and aforementioned classes, I have a lot to take care of before I can hop on a plane.
Ben & Jerry created "Yes Pecan!" ice cream flavor for Obama. 

For George W. they asked for suggestions from the public. 

Here are some of their favorite responses: 

* Grape Depression 
* The Housing Crunch 
* Abu Grape 
* Cluster Fudge 
* Nut'n Accomplished 
* Good Riddance You Lousy Piece of Crap...swirl 
* Iraqi Road 
* Chock 'n Awe 
* WireTapioca 
* Impeach Cobbler 
* Guantanmallow 
* imPeachmint 
* Heck of a Job, Brownie! 
* Neocon Politan 
* Rocky Road to Fascism 
* The Reese's-cession 
* Cookie D'oh! 
* Nougalar Proliferation 
* Death by Chocolate... and Torture 
* Freedom Vanilla Ice Cream 
* Chocolate Chip On My Shoulder 
* Credit Crunch 
* Mission Pecanplished 
* Country Pumpkin 
* Chunky Monkey in Chief 
* WMDelicious 
* Chocolate Chimp 
* Bloody Sundae 
* Caramel Preemptive Stripe 
* I Broke the Law and Am Responsible for the Deaths of Thousands . . . with Nuts