Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Public Service Announcement

I will not be available this weekend, as i will be reunited with most of my college roommates in Denver, Colorado! I'm so excited!

Have a fun one without me, 'cuz you better believe i'll be having a blast.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


For those of you who knew me when i was much younger, you may be surprised to hear that i had more or less given up art altogether for about ten years...that is, until last Monday morning. So inspired was i by the Somerville Open Studios last weekend that i picked up a pad of drawing paper, hauled out the pastels that haven't been used for, yes, ten years, and decided to give it a go. In fact, i was SO excited that i woke up at three in the morning on Monday too brimming with creativity to sleep, and around five a.m. decided to get up and set up a still life. I drew a lovely arrangement of a pair, an orange, and a teapot before doing yoga and getting ready for work.

Today, also brimming with creativity, i went to the Arnold Arboretum for Lilac Sunday. I plopped myself on the grass in front of two rather fetching lilac bushes and started in with the pastels. I don't really know what i'm doing when i start, i just sort of grab a color and go, and it's so freeing! I just kept adding layers until it felt right. I'm so happy! I want to do oils as well :)

In other news, Kal-El graduates this weekend. It's been great seeing the Bogs in their preparations, as we go for walks after big meals. It's so good to see Kal again, too! It definitely doesn't feel like it's been four months. I suppose that's growing up for ya.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Somerville Open Studios Part II

YAY! I Love SOS! It's great! Yesterday I didn't get to spend as much time as i would have liked strolling about the neighborhood looking at art, but i will get to do more of that today! It's so much fun getting to see all these little inspirations around here, artists opening up their homes and studios to let us in and see all the wonderful treasures that they create. There are, of course, some duds, but everyone is delightful and grateful that we are showing up at all. I have also been given the opportunity to ask about some oil painting technique, which is fantastic, since i have been wanting to paint again. I am similarly getting reinvigorated around pastels. Landscapes are making me happy, as are still lifes with fruit and glass objects...moreover, i am a sucker for color. daN has bumped into some former after school students of his, and that has been pleasant as well. I am just loving this. If seeing art makes you happy, i highly recommend that you check out whatever open studio events you might have going on in your area whenever it next happens. Seems to be a spring and fall thing.

On a side note, last night in honor of Cinco de Mayo, daN and i met up with Q, Yaz, and Troy for Mexican food at the Border Cafe in Harvard Square (which might actually trump Margarita's as my favorite Mexican food place, for hot plates of food -- Anna's Taqueria still trumps for burritos). We waited for about an hour, but that was alright. They were passing around the chips and salsa for free, and i had my margarita. The good was worth the wait, and i generally had a lovely time. It was a beautiful night, so we had a nice time walking home after dinner. I fell asleep as soon as i got home. It was a full day :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Somerville Open Studios

For those of you who live in the area (decreasing numbers, these days, though perhaps that just means my readership is growing!) i wanted to to mention that the Somerville Open Studios is this weekend, and it looks really cool! The artists are also leaning on the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) really hard to put the Green Line extention in, including the act of having a town-endorsed free trolley run continuously along the proposed extention route, linking the different parts of the open studios event.

At any rate, here is the link. I plan on going and drinking their wine.