Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday in the Berkshires

kripalu is going incredibly well again already. when i landed here yesterday afternoon, i had some loose ends to tie up from work, and once i did so, i washed my hands of it and went to a wonderful afternoon yoga class that ended in an extended half hour meditation. then, i was HERE. and now, of course, i'm confronting all sorts of fears around life transition. i can't stay at the job i have now -- it takes me too long to get there for me to consider being able to simply add some evening yoga classes to it. i'm open to part time work in addition to the classes... but my head is swimming in the void of opportunity and trying not to miss open doors... oy.

spring is in full bloom here. i actually went outside and stuck my feet in the lake and waded in up to my thighs! it was so much fun! what a neat thing to be able to watch the seasons out here in western mass again. one of my yogatribe members took a picture. i'll have to get a copy of it, because it's me in a nutshell -- i was wearing a sweatshirt, vest, hat, scarf, mittens, and had my yoga pants rolled all the way up my legs, wading around in the water up to my thighs. it was honestly as warm as it ever gets at sennebec lake in union! i'm disappointed that i didn't bother to bring my bikini! however, i have underpants and a sportsbra, so i might end up swimming anyway.

it's also simply delicious to watch the sun move across the sky and hills. hard to get that in boston. well, i should get up to the dining hall so i can grab dinner before it's too late.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I've Landed

Here i am, the last time at Kripalu as a yoga teacher in training. It's exciting and bittersweet at the same time. I had a lovely (though uncomfortable) trip where i got to catch up on all sorts of reading, and this time i am in a HUGE room with probably 20 other women, most of whom are in the same program. This should be interesting! I'ts so large that It almost doesn't matter. It's also been set up in a way that maintains privacy somehow, oddly. I'm impressed.

At any rate, i'm going to turn off my computer, try on some wrap-around skirts that are in the shop here, take a walk in this GORGEOUS day, and go to a 4:15 yoga class before dinner and the 7-9 program session. Woo! The last nine days begin!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm a Grown-Up Now

Yes, i finally passed the final stages of becoming a grown-up -- realizing that you're 6 years past the recommended age to have your cholesteral checked, and realizing that it's important because, even though you have a good diet and exercise, you have a bad family history of high cholesteral on both sides. While i was at it, i had my yearly PAP, checked my thyroid, got a food allergy blood test, got my blood sugar checked, and had a full physical. I was there for a while. I was planning on simply showing up to work late, but i think by the time i get there, i'll have to have used a half day, because i'm not staying late enough to make up the difference.

In other grown-up news, i am playing phone-tag with a couple of potential yoga positions and one part time receptionist position at a yoga/ayurveda/accupuncturist place. That could potentially work out very well. I'm just trying to keep the doors open. I do my last 9 days at Kripalu starting on Friday, after all.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Raw Juice and Other Such Nonsense

I just finished a three day raw juice fast. I have been wanting to try one for a while, but the stars had never aligned quite properly. Among other reasons for not starting it sooner, i didn't have a juicer, and if all you're having is juice, one should really be making it oneself so it's as fresh and wholesome as possible (most juices are pasturized, taking out a lot of the enzymes the body needs to fully digest juice, and they usually have added citric acid -- which agitates the digestive system). But last weekend, i was at the Bogs' house, and i mentioned this to them, and they said, "oh! We have a juicer we haven't used for three years! Would you like to borrow it?" Yes, of course! Especially after what i've been eating recently -- particularly all the fatty-carby Jew-food i ate as a result of Seder on Saturday night. Oh my GOD was it all delicious. And i gained 9 pounds over the weekend.

I was ready for a juicefast. And i had a lot of fun with it! I did it Wednesday through Friday, reintegrating solids into my diet yesterday. I had all sorts of fun juices, like what i call my salad juice (carrot, cucumber, apple, pear, and parsley), pineapple-grapefruit juice (mmm), kiwi-strawberry juice cut with some apple, and my personal favorite among the vegetable: beet-carrot-orange juice. That was both sustaining and delicious. I also had a vegetable broth for breakfast with my soy cappuccino (broth is easier to digest than juice, which is important for me in the morning), and i had a lot of soymilk. At one point on Thursday, i got lightheaded, so i decided that was unhealthy and had a handful of peanuts to get some protein into my system -- good to balance blood sugar levels.

Why did i do this? Well, i've got sensitivities to a lot of foods that i have been eating quite a lot of lately, and i decided i needed to do something extreme to kill two birds with one stone:
Bird #1: clean all that stuff out of my system
Bird #2: establish some more self-discipline and consciousness around food again

and i feel really great! I've been extremely TIRED, but oddly refreshed. And MAN, do i love eating again :)

A Weekend in Maine (this should have been written on Monday, April 17)

Last weekend, as you may have inferred, daN and i were in Maine last weekend, staying at the Bogs' house, and we had a marvellous time. Long story short, i taught the Boggies yoga on Saturday morning, and then i went to the Second Read all by my lonesome to just hang out and see the regulars and my former co-workers. I got to talk to the owner, too, and it was fantastic to see her, and then i ran into Laura (we used to work at the Read together, and then we moved down to Boston together) who was doing exactly the same thing. We had the best time just chilling out there, drinking coffee, looking at books, and shooting the shit with each other and people we knew.

I eventually made my way back to the Bogs' in time for Seder! [yay! this is the dinner that typically kicks off Pasech (Passover)] I'm not Jewish, but i love holidays, particularly those that involve food and being grateful for all that i have, and keeping in mind all those who suffer. I loved the event in particular this year.

Sunday, daN and i went to Union to hang out with my Mum on the land that she and her fiance Rick recently purchased on none other than North Union Rd (where a few other friends in Union live) and the progress of it all up there... it's beautiful. On a clear day, she can see Mt. Washington all the way the fuck in New Hampshire. WOW. Then, daN went to get a haircut while Mum and i got some us time. For the evening, daN and i went to his brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner and catching up on all kinds of TV watching. I sincerely enjoyed the Food Network Challenge and Desperate Housewives, and now i'm ready not to see TV again for a couple months.

On Monday, we came back to Boston after stopping in Union again to have breakfast with his Mum and see some more of the Miller-Watier clan. We were TIRED on the way home. But i did get to stop at Mexicali Blues and get a new turquoise ring! YAY! I've been wanting one for a while. I'm so glad i took a three day weekend. I needed to just have time to chill in Maine rather than rush around. I never felt rushed at any point, and it was so refreshing! We'll live there again someday... and Rockland seems ripe for a yoga teacher...

Sunday, April 09, 2006


well, i just applied to five more yoga jobs, and i'm playing phone tag with someone in charge of group fitness classes at bally's total fitness in porter square. things are going great. i have to say that i've done a better job continuing my asana practice and meditation practice outside of kripalu this time around, and i'm feeling all the saner for it.

this has been a lovely weekend. on friday evening, i went out for drinks with some coworkers to celebrate/mourn the departure of one of my favorite admins at FM. we went across the street to whiskey's and had a few beers. it was so much fun! it's great seeing coworkers outside of work -- getting to know them as human beings beyond the bounds of desk banter. alcohol helps.

then, when i got home, daN and i chatted for a bit until the bogs got here! yay! we all went out for dinner at rudy's for some enchilladas and margaritas and excellent conversation. we hadn't seen them forever! it was so nice to see them! yesterday, we didn't see them AT ALL since they were recording with kal-el all day, but i did get to sleep in, bake like a mad-woman (i made some sourdough starter and some chocolate chip banana bread), did blissful yoga to my heart's content (something that doesn't happen very often), and then we packed up ship to see the play "beyond therapy" with laura and dave all the way the hell out to BU in allston. it was really well done! i'm not sure i could have handled being involved in it, but it was great to see, and the acting was, by and large, fantastic. it's always great to see a play. we got home at exactly the same time boggies did, and we all had some tea together before dragging our asses into bed.

this morning, i woke the boggies up at 8 so we could do yoga before breakfast (otherwise, the way things go, it wouldn't have happened at all). i love teaching yoga! and the guided meditation i did with them had them on a different planet, so daN and i got breakfast going while they were gliding around in the astral plains on our living room floor covered in warm blankets. breakfast was apple crisp, cheddar popovers, and spicy eggs with fresh squeezed orange juice that daN lovingly slaved over. it was delectable, and i'm just now getting hungry enough to eat again. we then took a schpatzier around the neighorhood to enjoy the sun and shake the food down, and meandered our way into an open house for a set of these incredible condos not too far-off. they were certainly beautiful, and daN and i definitely don't have $850,000 to sink into a place right now. ah well. we continued to prospect hill park -- something that contains a cool old fortress from days of yore and forefathers, and made our way home, taking pictures of beautiful houses along the way. it was lovely.

boggies had to leave, and daN and i had to clean. plants to be repotted, and of course, more yoga to do :) i finally took a shower and decided to look at email again, and here i am. time for dinner, then meeting Q so we can mosey down to davis square and hang out together with some folks. all in all, a great weekend. hard not to love the sunshine.