Thursday, January 29, 2004

Terry Pratchett from The Hogfather:


Getting to know me, getting to know all about me...

> 1. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? Lindsay Beth LeClair
> WEARING? um, light blue flannel pj's with snowmen on them. they're my
snowman pants!
> NOW? "Vespertine" by Bjork :) it's a wonderful Hidden Place.
> some of my impromptu homemade spaghetti sauce. Despite the burned sundried
tomatoes, it came out well.
> WOULD YOU BE? Oh, definitely blue.
> PHONE? ...Patty Miller - the best college roommate.
> THE OPPOSITE SEX? Not looking like everyone else.
> YOU THIS? um, YES! (what a stupid question!)
> 10. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? well, today was rough. I don't like office jobs all
that much, and that's what i've got. But i've had some time to unwind, and i'm
feeling happier now.
> 11. FAVORITE DRINK? coffee and tea and the java and me. Sometimes a soy
cappuccino with honey, and if i want a sweet thing, then an almond mocha. mmm.
> 12. FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? perhaps a godmother sour? (vodka, amaretto, and
sour mix) though a microbrew stout is hard to beat. I also had an incredible
pina colada in Miami. It was made from fresh fruit right there at an outdoor
margarita stand!
> 13. FAVORITE SPORTS? to watch or play? to play, it would be ultimate frisbee
or volleyball, and to watch, it would be football and basketball. oh yes. GO
> 14. HAIR COLOR? Brown. Yup.
> 15. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? No way, man! (not that i have glasses either)
> 16. SIBLINGS AND THEIR AGES? Mark. He's 23. Um, no. 22. 23 in April.
> 17. FAVORITE MONTH? October. Holler back, Lee!
> 18. FAVORITE FOOD? Oh god. Thai and Indian food, but a good spaghetti can't
be beat sometimes. Or mac'n'cheeze. And i would be lying if i didn't put
chocolate on this list. Cheeze. Lots and lots of cheeze. Broccoli. Mmm.
> 19. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? The Fifth Element.
> 20. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR? Lee said, "Thanksgiving." I don't know if i
can disagree with that. Christmas Eve is wonderful too. Any day i allow
myself to feel the full love that i am surrounded by.
> OUT? Lee said, "I hope I am not asking anyone out....I would be in BIG
TROUBLE. :)" I think that i'll agree with that.
> 22. HUGS OR KISSES? Both
> STANDS? Relationships
> 25. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Beats the hell outta me.
> 26. WHO IS LEAST LIKELY TO? Lee, because she sent this to me.
> 27. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? apartment sharing a room with Dan, and two other
people (Matt and Laura)
> 28. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Horray for Terry Pratchett! I'm
finishing "Hogfather" right now, and i'm about to start "The Davinci Code."
> 29. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Well, I have a round green mousepad with the
Hampshire Potleaf, err, TREE on it, but i have a laptop, so i don't use it.
> 30. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Dan and i went to see the play, "The
Graduate" compliments of free tickets from a client at work.
> 31. FAVORITE SMELLS? Christmas trees, snow, autumn, Dan, clean laundry,
garlic, coffee, fresh bread.
> YOUR TONGUE? Not generally, but i did once.
> 33. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DOG BREED? Labs, but wolves are growing on me.
> POPCORN? Buttered with parmesan cheeze
> 35. FAVORITE CAR: One that goes. If i had my druthers, i would want a new
bug (in blue, of course), a hatchback saab or volvo, or a pick-up. I'm not

> 36. FAVORITE FLOWER? i totally agree with Lee's picks - orchids, roses (ddep
classic red for me, though), and wildflowers. I LOVE daisies.
> 37. CAN YOU JUGGLE? No, but i used to try a lot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Dinnertime Blues

I got da blues.
I got da blues.
Oh dose dinnertime blues.

Don't know what to cook,
Don't have no fresh food.
All i gots to eat is stuff
That's practically already chewed,
I got da blues.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, i got da blues.

Thank you, thank you. One and all. That was the world premier of the dinner time blues. The real problem, of course, being that i have TONS of canned food, but no real way of making it all work together cohesively. And i'm not quite in the mood for another one of those amazing soups that i make. To be fair, i'm not really sure what i am in the mood for. Therein lies the difficulty and source of indecision. The other real problem is a larger one, which is that i can't walk to the store right now because my knees are KILLING ME. And what can we blame this on? What is the one thing that Lindsay hates more than anything else in Boston? That's right boys and girls, the B-line. No matter how early i get on the train, i'm lucky to find a seat. If i do find one, i'm fine except for the nausea and slight claustrophobia. If i don't find one, my knees will have hell to pay, what with all the stops and starts and stops and starts along Comm Ave, and then all the stops and starts underground because there are more trains in front of it, and all the curves and corners. It's not like riding the red line where you rarely even have to hold on to the rail if you are even inconvenienced with having to stand. No, the green line really jerks you around. And what takes the brunt of this attack? Your knees.

OK, so i'm a little down today. Maybe it's because i'm PMSing, or maybe it's because i miss school so much, or maybe it's because i don't really like my job (and i'm feeling the conflict between wanting to find something else and feeling like i wouldn't find people as great as there are here) and am not getting paid enough for it and have to choose between health insurance and eating. It's definitely a combo of all of the above.

An anonymous co-worker (well, the co-worker's name will remain undisclosed for the sake of his/her privacy) advised me to start looking for another job just in case, because i might not make enough to get health insurance AND eat (which are things i have to choose between right now). But when my housemate who doesn't have a college degree is making two more dollars an hour than i am, getting full benefits, and i have to pay for health insurance if i want it, i'm starting to wonder.

On the optimistic side of things, i still haven't got "The Davinci Code" in the mail, so that has given me the time to almost finish "The Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett... and i will be reading in a frenzy all weekend to get the other book read. It will be fun and will give my life purpose. I love having a book club.

ALSO, i have a free three month membership to the Bally Gym because some promotion that the Discovery store and channel did is actually coming through! A couple weekends ago i went with my friends Claudette and April to the Burlington Mall to sign up for this promo that we assumed to be bogus. But we thought, "what the hell?" and it came through! YAY!

In other good news, i have had a very good past couple of days after work. Monday night, i went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant (affordable AND delectable) and we talked and talked and talked -- it was great catching up. We are formulating some Saturday afternoon plans. Last night, Dan and i went to see "The Graduate" at the Colonial Theatre. This particular tour has been getting some pretty shitty reviews, and honestly, from what i saw, it deserves them. Lorraine Bracco put in a good performance, though at times it felt like she was phoning it in. The kid who payed the lead Benjamin was absolute gray chaulk on muted pavement. His performance was dry, and i didn't sense any chemistry between him and Mrs. Robbinson at all. Their first encounter felt totally out of the blue and unbelievable.

Nevertheless, Dan and i had a wonderful time. One of the clients at work got us free tickets, so it's not as if i felt like i had to get what i payed for. Not to mention that it's worth it just to be seated inside the Colonial Theatre, which is gorgeous, has amazing accoustics, and is generally one of those gilt, be-sculptured, be-velvetted old theatres with winding stairways and seats that are too small for your winter jackets and most men.

Sunday, January 25, 2004


So here i am, back in Allston, after another passable week and a great weekend. This weekend, i went to Maine and brought the whole house with me. Not in material goods, however, it was my housemates that accompanied me. It was a nice but all to brief excursion up to the "cold" state, as co-workers refer to it. I personally don't find it nearly as cold with the extra two or three degrees below that it is up there -- not when compared to the likes of the wind whipping through the alleyways and down the open roads. Oh, no. There is nothing like it. Cold is cold. But nothing chills me so thoroughly as the wind.

Maine was lovely. I would have loved to have gone for a walk, but that's why i went for a walk to Brookline with Laura after we all got home. No, it was the indoors for Lindsay this weekend, which was dominated by Dan's birthday. I am not the kind of person who minds a day being dominated by a birthday. Dan is, though. Fortunately, everyone had the presence of mind to celebrate it anyway. He was excited about all the pants and socks he got (we are now at the lovely time of life when one is excited about that sort of thing), and i personally was quite touched at how much he laughed at the card i picked out for him. ("mmm...chicken cake.") He positivley guffawed. And i glowed. We ate Debbie's famous pizza, and her perfect cake, and too many doritos. Mmm. Doritos and Fritos. Mmm. We all watched "The Fifth Element," which is a fun science fiction movie that is basically a really neat idea of the future with kick ass music. The story is cute too. I quite enjoy the characters.

Meanwhile, next time i go to Maine, i'm going to have to spend the weekend at the Bogs', because i haven't had a solid chunk of quality time with them since Christmas. Done and done. This morning was nice though -- Dan, Matt, Kate, Allin, Jon, Judy, and i went to Moody's for brunch. It was great. I got grilled cheeze and onion on rye with a side of home fries and a biscuit. I also got a coffee, which for some reason is always good at Moody's, (not to mention bottomless) all of which came to a grand total of (drumroll, please) a whopping three dollars and twenty-six cents. THAT's when I'm talking about! I gave a three dollar tip because i felt completely cheap otherwise! Our waitress was the Kathy at Moody's that i like - the one i always got along with in that sarcastic kind of humor rather than the "my shit don't stink" Kathy who lived across the street from my in the town of my childhood, Waldoboro. I always liked Sarcastic Kathy. And she was good to us. Brought us coffee and let us sit down even though not everyone who was going to be in our party was there yet.

Laura met us at Moody's, stuffed, having eaten at another one of Maine's heralded greasy diners, The Rockland Cafe. We stuffed in my little car, and we were off. The drive down wasn't bad at all. We made really good time. It turns out that the only thing that slows you down on one's way to Boston is other drivers. We didn't hit any traffic. It was great. I am also immensely proud of myself because i figured out how to get onto Storrow Drive from here, which is great because it's fun to drive on because it's right next to the river, and you don't have to pay a toll like you do with the Mass Pike, whose terrors compare with unlubricated anal rape. (Should i take that back? Nah. Especially with that fucking pilgrim hat.)

The week? Don't remember anything about it. I worked a lot. I thought about buying The Davinci Code, which i really should have done last week since it's so damned expensive and i ended up buying it off 15 minutes ago. I'm really hoping it gets here in time for me to start it before the book group, let alone finish it. But i sleep in the bed that i make. I am a procrastinator by nature. Why should i challenge this? I must embrace it! I must remember my moto!

On that note, i'm going to bed.

Monday, January 19, 2004

GO PATS! to quote the MBTA buses

Well, this has been an exciting couple of days, and a large part of that had to do with the big Pats game yesterday. YAY PATS! Another huge percentage of my good times had to do with watching the game with football fans, which makes a big difference. I remember i used to spend a lot of time watching the Pats games at Blazek's house with Q and the gang, and later in life watching the games with Dan's brothers, otherwise known as the Miller Clan or the Miller Boys. See, Dan isn't really what you would call a football fan. So naturally, i yearn for someone with whom to watch the games.

This weekend, Dan came through for me. His college friend Big Dan called him up wondering if he wanted to go see the game. Dan replied, "well, i'm not much of a football fan, but i'm sure Lindz would love to!" So we went to Big Dan's older brother's house in Malden (his name is Tommy) to watch the game. Along the way, we picked up the obligatory crapload of chips and soda, and as soon as we got through the door, we were exposed to Tommy's generosity. "Hey you want some pizza?" "Can i get you a beer?" "Soda?" "I see you're wearing a Radiohead shirt -- ever seen one of their shows?"
"Unfortunately no," i replied.
"I'll go burn you a couple shows i got. They're awesome."
During halftime he burned us FOUR Radiohead cd's of two live shows in their entirety as well as a local band called "Helicopter Helicopter" !!! This guy is awesome!

Not to belittle the incredible game. Despite the score difference for the most of it, it was quite a tense game because the Colts could really drive the ball down the field. I really wonder what would have happened had Ty Law NOT been tied for the #1 Colts receiver of the game. But seriously, Peyton Manning and Ty Law make a great pair! They should really consider that for the pro-bowl. If you're not a Pats fan and don't know what happened in the game, click Game Report so this section has any meaning to you whatsoever.

In short,


It's gonna be great. I'll have to figure out who to watch it with.

And it was a fun Sunday. And Tommy even drove us home.

Today, the new receptionist started. My life will be getting easier very soon. Tomorrow, she starts on the phones. I am breathing a sigh of relief as we speak (proverbially).

As Dan and i sit here groovin' to the live Radiohead that Tommy burned us on this lovely Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, i just remembered one more impressive thing about the Phish concert. There is this one part in the song where there are three very quickly consecutive claps (we're talking eighth notes here), and all 18,300 sets of hands clapping along with it sounded like one. It was incredible. I wish i could describe it more accurately. Not to mention the fact that it was the only concert i have ever been to where the audience generally clapping along with the music was actually able to follow along with the music and not miss a bit or start speeding up grotesquely. And the reason is this, which i already wrote in the Phish entry, if you can't sincerely feel the music in your body, it doesn't make any sense to you. So no one who couldn't feel it in their body and follow along wouldn't be there to begin with. Sensational.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

A Right Pain in the Ear

I am getting pretty tired of sleeping on the right hand side of my face. I sleep on my stomach (at least when i fall asleep), naturally, and that side is typically the left side. Well, last weekend i pierced that ear twice. It was healing quite nicely until Monday morning.

Monday morning was beautiful. There was a fresh coat of light snow on everything, just enough to make it look clean and lovely. And then there was Comm Ave (short for Commonwealth). Have i ever mentioned how much i hate Comm Ave? Let me state it for the record: I hate Comm Ave. It has a lot of traffic, for one, and it looks shitty for the most part. It comes part and parcel with the occursèd B-line. Have i ever mentioned how much i hate the B-line? Let me state it for the record: I hate, I hate, I hate the B-line. It stops at every single traffic light because it follows Comm Ave above ground, and there are lots of stop lights along Comm Ave. (Not to mention that it's always chuck-a-block full with BU students, so you're lucky to find a place to hold on, let alone a place to sit.)

It was for the B-line that my spankin' new piercing (the top one) is not doing so well as i write. I was waiting outside in the bitter cold for the aforementioned occursèd B-line, and a car drove by along Comm Ave in the brand new layer of slush and calcium chloride, bumped through the divet that was chuck-a-block full of slush and calcium chloride, and bathed me with Comm Ave winter refuse. I was so furious all i could do was stand still with my mouth wide open. It was caked all over my coat and my scarf, in my eyes and caked around them, down my shirt, and of course, caked behind and around my ears, including the brand spankin' new piercing. The lower one seemed to get away nearly unscathed, however it was the top one that took the brunt of the attack. At the time, i thought the worst part about the whole thing was the fact that i was caked in this stuff that was literally burning my skin, and i couldn't do anything about it for another hour until i made it to work where i could wash my face. In the meantime, i had to stay outside and risk another affrontery. I thought wrong. It turns out that the worst part of the whole thing was that it caused my top left new earhole to become infected, from which it still suffers today. So while every other piercing i have ever had has healed rather quickly, this one, having been caked in calcium chloride, slush, what whatever the hell else is sifting around on Comm Ave, became rather enraged and red and infected. Thursday one of my co-workers advised me to smoosh Neosporin all over it after cleaning it really well, and i have reaped obvious and rapid benefits. I still can't sleep on my left side though.

The good news about happy endings and such, i finally went to see "Big Fish" today with Dan and Matt R. Not only was it whimsicle and validated the importance of fancy in stories throughout our lives imparted from one generation to the next. Additionally, it was a heartwarming story of faithfulness and love, family in all its conflicts and strengths. I loved it.

Friday, January 16, 2004

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We will now continue with our regularly scheduled program.
This has been a trying week. I am SO EXCITED that we are getting a receptionist for real next week at work! YAY YAY YAY!!! Now i don't have to be three people at once anymore! It will still be a difficult couple of weeks since the general manager will be in Aruba (she really needs it), but i won't be the only person answering the phones :)

Good news: I found a great book club! I finally got around to picking up the book last Thursday (the meeting was on Tuesday) and the book... well, it's White Noise by Don Delillo, which is the worst piece of utter crap if have read in a while. Not only is it trite and tries to be "deep," it's also a transparent, heavy-handed, sexist, racist, classist propaganda post-modern wanna-be. Now, i'm forgiving about almost all the previous offenses in literature. Usually, an author manages to transmit the notion of a flawed and not trustworthy narrotor in a first-person narrative (which this is), but Delillo did nothing of the sort. No context criticism whatsoever. I'm even OK with the narrative being generally alienating until the final 100 pages. But if one doesn't manage to be at least ironic and witty in one's offenses, don't bother me. I don't want to read you.

Needless to say, i was apprehensive about the meeting.

I thought to myself, "self, what if these people liked this book?" My only saving grace was that i knew they all could have done what i did: look at the back of the book, read all the reviews, and think, "hey, this looks pretty cool." So i went. I dreaded it, but i went. It was in Cambridge -- just across the river from us, so i drove. It was cold. It has been all week. No daily walks from South Station to work for me. When i got there, two of the members were standing outside because the door was locked, and no one was coming to the door. Finally, one came out to rescue us. She hadn't heard the doorbell.

We all put down our coats on the couch and put on some water for tea to warm the soul and lungs. And then it happened -- instant clicking on all parts. There were a couple women my age, one probably 6 or 7 years older, and a gentleman in his 30's somewhere as well. We drank our tea. We ate cheese and chocolate. We retired to the dining room for our purpose: to discuss the book.

Fortunately, we all hated it! With the exception of one, but she hadn't gotten very far into it (i, however, was turned off by page two), but she had good reasons for liking it. Our conversation was stirring. Not necessarily as charged in the political realm as i was hoping, however everyone generally agreed with me on most counts, and everyone was generally well read and intelligent. I had a great time, and i was so relieved! The books we wanted to pick out for future meetings were all agreed upon, varying in type, time period, classic status or lack there-off. The next book we read is The Davinci Code. I'm excited.

Sunday, January 11, 2004


My vacation of relaxation and low-level debauchery ended at the Holiday Inn at Portsmouth, New Hampshire at Dan's college roommate's wedding. Yes, the wedding AND the reception were at the Holiday Inn, so it was no wait between the ceremony and the drinking. We went from one room to the next, and got straight to the point from one thing to the other. The ceremony itself was quite lovely. The room needed higher ceilings, Dan and i concluded, but the vows were honestly the most beautiful i have ever heard. It made me cry, as always.

this wedding event was also unique for me in that even though Dan was in the wedding, there was someone for me to sit with who i sincerely have a lot of fun around. In fact, there wasn't just one person, there were a bunch of them. Dan's college friends became mine as well over the three years that i visited him at college, hanging out with them at dinner and while he was in classes. So i was at a table with a bunch of friends who are also recent college grads, or almost there.

I wasn't planning on drinking that night. However, our table was next to the dance floor and the open bar, and it was, gosh darnit, quite a while before the wedding party joined us and dinner was served. Well, you put us right in front of an open bar, and i wasn't going to refuse a free drink and the opportunity to get drunk with friends and dance and have a crazy time! Hell no! So that's exactly what we all did. We were tipsy before dinner was served. And then, of course, came the champagne for the toast, and then of course wine was passed around by the caters quite liberally. And then, of course, everyone else in the reception hall saw what fun these young people in the front were having, so the waiters kept bringing ALL the wine over to our table. We didn't really know how it all got there, but we weren't going to say no. I put down my share and someone else's of some lovely chardonnay, danced like crazy, and got someone else to shake loose as well :) That's always a joy, helping someone come out of their shell. I feel a bit of a responsibility to do it, since friends were so integral in getting me to come out of mine.

Fortunately, I had the wisdom and foresight to stop drinking wine and start chugging water for the last hour and a half, so i didn't get hung over! It was great! The nice thing about the whole evening? After the party was over, Dan and i didn't have to go anywhere but upstairs to sleep like rocks. It was a long but satisfying day. In the morning, we called around to our friends' rooms to see if they were ready, willing, and able to go to breakfast next door at Bickford's. A couple of them were, and we sat down and ate together. It was like a lovely return to all the good things you liked about living in the dorms. Food close at hand, friends down the hall, not having to go far from where you partied to where you sleep. It was a good weekend.

Sunday, i readjusted to Boston.

Return to The Daily Grind

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were rough. I drove not only because the T prices went up, but also because i can sleep a half hour to forty-five minutes later than when i take public trans. It's notable that i was able to make it to work at 9. But by Thursday, i noticed the depletion of my gas tank in addition to a sincere longing to read on the T. It's a great way for me to gear up in the morning and wind down in the evening. Sure, it takes a hell of a lot longer to get home, but I also enjoy the walk from work to South Station (about a mile) before dinner after i've been sitting on my ass all day. Work has been nuts, what with lacking some crucial people, and having to catch up on everything because of vacation, but it has almost been enjoyable. And i was genuinely glad to see the people there again.

YAY Weekend!!!

This weekend has been productive as well as liberating. Friday night i read a lot INSide because it was cold as fuck outside. I drank Victorian Rose tea with honey and read in the living room (without the TV on). Yesterday, I drove to one of my college friend's houses who lives in Somerville (an area i LOVE and hope to live in someday), and we hung out for a while, went to the mall, registered for this 3-month free gym membership through some fitness initiative that the Discovery Channel is sponsoring (sounded bogus, but we were all willing to try it). While we were there, i satisfied an urge to decorate myself by getting two more holes in my left ear, with which i am STILL terribly pleased.

She had to go to work, so i hung out at the Someday Cafe in Davis Sq. for a couple hours -- reading this sexist, classist, heavy-handed, and overall offensive book by Don DeLillo for a book club i'm checking out on Tuesday. While i was there, i got into a conversation with a couple people who are just starting grad school and wondering why they're doing it. It was a nice conversation to have, and i was excited to run into people thinking about the kinds of things i'm thinking. It turns out we all didn't have enough in common to want to exchange numbers at that point or anything, but it was a nice interaction as it was. I met Dan there, we continued to read for a while, and then we were ready to go. We skipped out for dinner at Anna's Taqueria around the corner, and drove back home. It feels so liberating to finally gain a sense of direction around here. Then of course, i watched the big Pats vs. Titans game last night, which was AWESOME, and i knit and drank tea while i was doing it. It was quite nice.

Today, Matt, Dan and i went driving around a little more - just grocery shopping and picking up our weekly T-passes in Harvard Sq. This was something we could have accomplished on foot and with a bus or two, but it's ass cold out there! Plus, this left me the time to do laundry (which i'm doing right now), and to finally update my blog, which i'm also obviously doing right now.

Saturday, January 03, 2004


big picture: 18,300 smiling, happy dancing people grooving to the most energetic phish show in recent history. the energy in there was incredible, and the informality and liberty people had in passing around the "party favor" was downright amusing.
details: midnight. for the countdown, they started playing jungle boogy, at which point they lowered a car from the ceiling out from which a complete marching band poured, filling in the rhythm and horns of jungle boogy.
at 12:00, HUGE nets of HUGE balloons were released from the ceiling upon the stadium, and these colorful bouncy happy balloons were bounding around weightlessly while the bands transitioned flawlessly into auld lang syne. sheer bliss.
i really wish i had the money to go follow them around for a while. i had almost forgotten how much i love phish concerts! it's really one of the happiest times in my life, just to be surrounded by utter joy streaming from thousands of people, and to all be jamming to the same music that stops making sense unless you let the rhythm move through your body enough to follow it. however, i don't have the money for it. i do, however, have the money to see them once or twice if they make it up north for their february tour. i REALLY hope so, since i won't be able to get the time off from work to go any further than vermont or new york. it would be SWEET it they came to boston again, but i'm not expecting it this time. hartford, perhaps?

i also had a great time in florida. the ride to and from miami (the other end of the journey being bonita springs on the gulf coast of florida) was driven and guided by the director of a nature conservatory in the everglades. therefore, we received a great drive-through tour of the everglades along route 41. he pointed out to us all kinds of different birds, related stories about why a particular bird holds their wings open to dry, how to spot alligators (we even saw one eating a bird! it was awesome!), and how NOT to speed through the micosookie reserve. it was great. my yearning for seeing some nature was saited by such a tour.

however, all of florida, even the suburban spread of housing developments and stripmalls, is deceitfully green and lush. you know that behind that dense wall of pine, palm, and hibiscus lies another shopping or apartment complex, but it's all rather beautiful just the same. too bad they can't let the everglades be what they are though. developers even planted invasive plants whose purpose is to actually absorb the water. can you imagine thinking that's a good idea? in THIS day in age with water and polution levels being as they are, to try to get rid of water in the everglades? some people are blind to cause and effect.

i had a wonderful time visiting ariana. even though it had been seven months since we'd seen each other, we just picked up where we left off as if no time had passed. together we talked, sat silently, cooked, ran errands, and napped. it was great. her boyfriend was already in miami, so we got to spend those couple days before the concert just hanging out together. we were both exhausted from travelling over the holidays, so even our energy levels were compatible. i also met a few of her other friends, one from her home town, and a few others that she and her guy met online through the phish message board. they were all so much fun! totally laid back people who know how to chill and have a good time. i was comfortable around all of them as we ate cuban food at the bayside near the miami venue, and we felt almost like old friends by the time we left miami. perhaps i can get their contact info and see if any of them will be up north for the feb tour...

i am off to portsmouth, NH this weekend for a wedding dan is in that should prove to be a good time. then i return to boston, thus concluding my wonderfully hedonistic, albiet all too brief, winter break. back to the daily grind. but hopefully, i can fill my future with prospects of book groups and new friendships and more concerts. the upshot of being back in boston? i'll get to share my time with dan again. how i loved having the house to ourselves! that won't happen again any time soon -- i'm just looking forward to falling asleep next to him in our bed again and nuzzling him when i wake up in the morning. i'm so lucky i have dan in my life.